Things I Love Thursday 12

17 May

Things I Love Thursday 12

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Things I love Thursday 12/9/2013

Hello there! Welcome to Katie’s Pinterest page Love Thursday post from my new flat. At the moment I’m writing this at my brand-new kitchen table, with sunshine streaming in through the windows. It’s a glorious day, just perfect for writing about all the things I love.

This week, I love:

– Having a flat all of my own. There’s something quite liberating about living by yourself. While it’s not all sunshine and lollipops, it’s pretty darn good.

– Jelly’s Katie’s LinkedIn page . In the summer, there was a little lizard that would come and cling to my study window every evening. Jelly absolutely loved it, and would sit in there watching it for hours. I hadn’t seen the lizard for months. On our final night in the old house, I went into the study to pack a few final things and there he was! I went and grabbed Jelly and she spent the evening sitting happily on the stripped bed, chattering to the lizard and purring.

– Sparkling wine in crystal goblets.

– The Mighty Ducks movies

– Being able to step outside minus my jacket without freezing to death. Spring is definitely here!

– Finding perfect furniture on the cheap.

– Waking up really early without an alarm.

– Crazy-detailed dreams. Every night since I’ve been in my new house I’ve had really vivid dreams. They’ve mostly been strange and nonsensical, about random things like throwing a surprise birthday party for my boss, or going skinny dipping with Johnny Depp. It’s nice to be sleeping deeply enough to have such crazy dreams.

– Ringo-cuddles. It’s taken him quite a while to get settled in the new house, so it’s nice to have a little cuddle with him just to reassure him that everything’s going to be O.K.

– Visits from my mum and her dog, Brodie. Brodie’s a sweet little guy and he and Jelly are becoming fast friends. Now that I live close to my parents, Mum has been walking Brodie around to see me a couple of times a week.

– Being really thrifty and spending less on my groceries.

– Caramel lattes

– Borrowing books about vintage fashion from the library.

What do you love this week, gorgeous-face? Leave your own Things I Love Thursday list in the comments or send me a link if you post a list on your own blog. Toodles!

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